Software engineer at Hudson River Trading, Carnegie Mellon University alumni.

I spend my personal time crocheting, doing photography, and exploring random arts and crafts, which I regularly post on my instagram in addition to this blog.

I'm passionate about creative work for the purpose of storying telling. I'm first and foremost in the process of getting back into fiction writing, which I have dedicated a big part of my teenage years to, but am also looking to learn more about game design.

  • recently playing: Baldur's Gate 3, Balatro, Stardew Valley, Overwatch 2
  • recently reading: Dune Series (1-6)

  • Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.


    Past Year

    • Dec 09, 2023 On June 9th 2023, I tried crocheting for the first time, and here's a recap of What I Crocheted in Six Months.
    • Aug 27, 2023 New Grad SWE Job Hunt Advice, my most popular and highest-effort blog post to date, reached 20k views.
    • Jul 24, 2023 Started working full-time at Hudson River Trading.